NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide

When it comes to replacing your spark plugs, it is essential to choose the right match for compatibility and performance. In this guide, I will outline the vital information about the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug and various cross-reference alternatives. You will be better equipped to make an informed decision for your engine needs by understanding the specifications, features, and compatibility of the NGK spark plug.

Key Takeaways

  • The NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 features a nickel center electrode, removable terminal nut, and trivalent metal plating for anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties.
  • This spark plug’s ceramic insulator ensures strength and effective heat transfer, promoting an extended lifespan of around 30k miles.
  • Compatible engines include various Suzuki marine outboard models such as DT100, DT115, DT140, DT90, and PU140.
  • Alternative spark plugs for cross-referencing include Autolite models (4092, AE23, XS4092), Beru 14-3AS1, Bosch W3AP, Champion L3G, and several Denso variations (5380, 6047, IWF24, W24FS-U10, W24FSR-U10, etc.).
  • When comparing alternatives, consider performance, longevity, and compatibility with your specific engine requirements.

Understanding the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 Spark Plug Features

The NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug is designed to provide optimal performance and reliability, making it a popular choice for engine enthusiasts and professionals alike. Before diving into the various alternative spark plugs, it’s important to understand the features of the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 and what makes it stand out from the competition.

Some of the key features of this spark plug include:

  • Thread diameter of 14mm
  • Thread pitch of 1.25mm
  • Gasket seat type
  • Reach of 12.7mm (1/2″)
  • 13/16″ (21mm) hex size
  • Nickel center electrode with non-projected tip
  • Nickel ground electrode featuring a low-angled type
  • Specified heat range of 8
  • Resistor value of 5k Ohm for suppressing ignition noise
  • Torque specifications of 18-25.3 lb. ft. for cast iron and 18-21.6 lb. ft. for aluminum
Feature Description
Thread Diameter 14mm
Thread Pitch 1.25mm
Seat Type Gasket
Reach 12.7mm (1/2″)
Hex Size 13/16″ (21mm)
Center Electrode Material Nickel
Ground Electrode Material Nickel
Heat Range 8
Resistor Value 5k Ohm
Torque Specifications (Cast Iron) 18-25.3 lb. ft.
Torque Specifications (Aluminum) 18-21.6 lb. ft.

These features make the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 a versatile and reliable choice for numerous applications, including marine engines and other gas-powered devices. With its superior construction and materials, this spark plug offers efficient performance and an increased lifespan.

Understanding the features of the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 can help you make informed decisions when comparing it to alternative spark plugs, ensuring you choose the right plug for your specific needs.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10’s features, you can confidently explore its compatibility and interchangeability with other spark plugs, ensuring you make the right choice for your engine’s requirements.

Exploring NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 Compatibility and Interchangeability

The NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug is particularly suitable for a range of marine outboard engines manufactured by Suzuki. Some of the popular models utilizing this spark plug include:

  • DT100
  • DT115
  • DT140
  • DT90
  • PU140

It is important to note, however, that there are no automotive or powersports applications associated with the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10. For those seeking an alternative spark plug to this specific model, numerous options exist.

While considering alternatives, always verify that the alternative spark plugs are compatible with your specific engine and can meet its requirements.

Several manufacturers offer suitable alternative spark plugs that can be cross-referenced with the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10. Below is a table of compatible options:

Manufacturer Alternative Part Numbers
Autolite 4092, AE23, XS4092
Beru 14-3AS1
Bosch W3AP
Champion L3G
Denso 5380, 6047, IWF24, W24FS-U10, W24FSR-U10

These cross references should be used for general guidance only, as particulars such as applications and specifications may vary slightly among different manufacturers. Always double-check to ensure your chosen alternative is suitable for your engine.

With a myriad of alternative spark plugs available, it is essential to consider NGK 1157 interchange options alongside the BR8HCS-10 spark plug cross reference to find the most appropriate choice for your specific engine’s needs. Performance, compatibility, and changing requirements all play a crucial role in determining the best-fit spark plug for your situation.

Comparing Alternative Spark Plugs to NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10

When considering the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 conversion, it’s essential to look at the numerous BR8HCS-10 equivalent spark plugs and NGK 1157 compatible spark plugs available on the market. Brands like Autolite, Denso, Champion, and Bosch offer various alternatives, each with their unique specifications and advantages.

Autolite and Denso Alternatives

The Autolite AE23, Denso 5380, and Autolite 4092 replacement options are just a few of the many choices available to you. Denso, in particular, has a broad range of alternatives such as the 6047, IWF24, W24FS-U10, and W24FSR-U10. With so many options, engine compatibility and performance will play a significant role in making the right choice.

Champion and Bosch Equivalent Options

Other noteworthy alternatives include the Champion L3G replacement and Bosch W3AP equivalent for the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 cross reference. As with the previously mentioned options, compatibility and performance should be factored in before making a final decision.

Assessing Performance and Longevity

Ultimately, the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 lifespan and NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 performance are crucial factors when comparing alternatives. Rated at approximately 30k miles, the NGK 1157 is built to last. When assessing alternative spark plugs, be sure to take into consideration their compatibility, as well as the specific requirements of your engine. Doing so ensures optimal performance and longevity for your vehicle.


What are the key features of the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug?

The NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug has a nickel center electrode, a removable terminal nut, a 1.0mm gap, trivalent metal plating, pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator, corrugated ribs, a copper core, and triple seals. These features offer anti-corrosion, anti-seizing properties, heat transfer capabilities, and a lifespan of about 30k miles.

What engines are compatible with the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug?

The NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug is compatible with various marine outboard engines from Suzuki, including models like DT100, DT115, DT140, DT90, and PU140. However, no automotive or powersports applications are associated with this part number.

Which alternative spark plugs can I use as a cross-reference for the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10?

Compatible alternatives for cross-referencing purposes include Autolite models (4092, AE23, XS4092), Beru 14-3AS1, Bosch W3AP, Champion L3G, and a range of Denso variations (5380, 6047, IWF24, W24FS-U10, W24FSR-U10, etc).

What are some of the Autolite and Denso alternatives for the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug?

Autolite offers alternatives such as 4092, AE23, and XS4092, while Denso provides a range including 5380, 6047, IWF24, W24FS-U10, and W24FSR-U10.

Are there any Champion and Bosch equivalents for the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug?

Yes, Champion’s L3G and Bosch’s W3AP are equivalent options to the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10 spark plug.

What factors should I consider when comparing alternative spark plugs to the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10?

When comparing alternative spark plugs, consider factors such as compatibility, performance parameters, and specific engine requirements. Ensure the chosen spark plug offers a similar lifespan and features, like heat transfer and leakage prevention, as the NGK 1157 BR8HCS-10.

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