NGK 1210 A8 Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide

As an automobile owner, finding the perfect spark plug for your engine can be a daunting task. However, if you are in search of an NGK 1210 A8, look no further. In this guide, you will discover every essential detail regarding the NGK 1210 A8 cross reference, NGK spark plug cross reference, NGK 1210 A8 equivalent, and NGK spark plug interchange options. With an array of cross-reference choices and compatible alternatives, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when selecting the right spark plug for your specific engine needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive NGK 1210 A8 cross reference guide for various alternatives like Autolite 2695, Champion D6, Denso 5003, and Torch A8
  • Understanding the importance of spark plugs in maintaining engine performance and efficiency
  • A detailed list of compatible spark plugs, catering to multiple specifications and measurements to ensure seamless replacement
  • Helpful advice in selecting the right NGK 1210 A8 alternative through accurate cross-reference comparisons
  • Information on where to buy and how to save on NGK 1210 A8 replacement spark plugs, including price points and various purchase options available

Understanding the Importance of NGK 1210 A8 Spark Plugs

Spark plugs like the NGK 1210 A8 are vital to the performance and efficiency of engines. Ensuring correct cross-referencing is crucial for engine compatibility and optimal functioning. This section will provide insights into the significance of choosing the right spark plug and the role of NGK 1210 A8 in maintaining engine health.

Spark plugs are a fundamental component of an engine’s ignition system, as they play an essential role in creating the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. In turn, this leads to the smooth operation of the engine and its various components.

Selecting the right spark plug goes beyond finding a compatible product – it involves ensuring the plug’s properties, such as thermal performance and electrode gap, align with the engine’s requirements.

NGK spark plugs are known for their durability and high-quality performance, making them a popular choice among car owners and technicians alike. By referring to an NGK 1210 A8 cross-reference chart, users can find a compatible replacement without compromising on engine health and efficiency.

  1. Improved fuel efficiency: A high-quality spark plug like the NGK 1210 A8 can contribute to better fuel efficiency by facilitating efficient combustion, leading to fewer emissions and reduced fuel consumption.
  2. Smooth engine operation: When the right spark plug is chosen, it can help minimize engine misfires and promote consistent combustion, hence ensuring a smooth operation.
  3. Extended engine life: Utilizing the correct spark plug for your engine can help minimize the risk of pre-ignition and other issues arising from ill-suited plugs, leading to a longer engine life.

An in-depth understanding of NGK spark plug compatibility is essential for making an informed choice. Taking the time to thoroughly research and cross-reference your spark plug options is crucial – not only for maximizing your engine’s lifespan but also for maintaining its performance and efficiency.

In conclusion, selecting the right spark plug is crucial for your engine’s overall health and performance. By referring to an NGK 1210 A8 cross reference chart, you can ensure that you are choosing a compatible and high-quality replacement for your vehicle’s engine.

Comprehensive List of NGK 1210 A8 Cross Reference Options

When searching for the ideal spark plug for your engine, it’s crucial to consider compatibility and interchangeability. The NGK 1210 A8 spark plug has various options available, allowing for hassle-free replacement and improved engine performance. In this section, we’ll examine some of the most common alternatives and compare their specifications to ensure seamless compatibility with the NGK 1210 A8.

Identifying Compatible Spark Plugs for NGK 1210 A8

Brand Model Compatibility
Autolite 2695 Yes
Champion D6 Yes
Torch A8 Yes

While the table above provides a snapshot of some compatible options, it’s important to remember that ensuring correct specifications and proper measurements for your specific engine type is crucial for seamless replacement and interoperability.

Equivalents for ACDelco S81F and C81: Detailed Analysis

ACDelco spark plugs, specifically S81F and C81, share cross-reference compatibility with several other spark plugs. Some of these compatible alternatives are as follows:

  1. Champion D14N
  2. Denso 5003
  3. NGK A8

Note: These references serve as a guideline, and accuracy in specifications is essential for the selection process.

Bosch M280T1 Replacements and NGK 1210 A8 Compatibility

When considering potential replacements for the Bosch M280T1 spark plug, which aligns with the specifications for NGK 1210 A8, several options are available. For example:

  • NGK AB-8
  • Torch A8

Furthermore, the NGK 7909 spark plug range features price points varying from $8.43 to $46.16 for a set of 10 plugs. These figures emphasize the importance of confirming the correct application and measurements before making a substitute selection, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your engine.

Making an Informed Choice: Selecting the Right NGK 1210 A8 Alternative

When it comes to replacing your NGK 1210 A8 spark plug, it’s crucial to select the appropriate alternative that matches the required specifications and measurements. With a variety of alternatives available, such as Autolite, Champion, Denso, and Torch spark plugs, utilizing the NGK 1210 A8 cross reference chart is an invaluable tool for making an informed choice. By carefully comparing the specifications and measurements listed in these cross-reference resources, you can ensure optimal engine performance and longevity.

“Cross-referencing spark plugs is essential to determine an accurate substitute without jeopardizing engine performance and longevity.”

To help you make a well-informed decision, a few key aspects should be taken into consideration when selecting an NGK 1210 A8 alternative:

  1. Confirm the compatibility of your engine with the suggested alternative spark plug. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or your vehicle’s owner’s manual for guidance.
  2. Compare the physical measurements of the alternative spark plugs with the original NGK 1210 A8, focusing on differences in the diameter, thread size, and reach.
  3. Consider the heat range, insulator design, and electrode materials, as these factors affect the performance and durability of the spark plug. Ensure the alternative aligns with your engine’s requirements.

To further guide you in selecting the right NGK 1210 A8 alternative, the following table presents a detailed comparison of a few popular options: Autolite, Champion, Denso, and Torch spark plugs.

Alternative Diameter Thread Size Reach Heat Range Electrode Material
Autolite 2695 14mm 1.25mm 19mm 5 Nickel
Champion D6 14mm 1.25mm 19mm 6 Nickel
Denso 5003 14mm 1.25mm 19mm 8 Platinum
Torch A8 14mm 1.25mm 19mm 8 Nickel

By taking note of these key factors, you can confidently select the most compatible alternative to the NGK 1210 A8 spark plug without sacrificing engine performance or longevity. Ensure you consult the NGK 1210 A8 cross reference chart and continually refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or your vehicle’s owner’s manual to make an informed and accurate decision.

Where to Buy and How to Save on NGK 1210 A8 Replacement Spark Plugs

Purchasing the right NGK 1210 A8 replacement spark plug is essential for maintaining engine performance and longevity. With various alternatives available in the market, finding the most suitable option at a reasonable price can be a challenging task. Here, we guide you on how and where to buy the perfect NGK 1210 A8 spark plug replacements while ensuring savings and value for your money.

When buying NGK spark plugs, online platforms such as Amazon and eBay offer a vast selection of alternatives, including the Autolite 2695, Champion D6, Denso 5003, and Torch A8. Prices for NGK 1210 A8 replacements will vary depending on product specifications and quantity. For instance, individual spark plugs can be purchased for as low as $8.43, while sets of 10 may be priced at $46.16. Comparing prices among different sellers and opting for bulk purchases can help you save on NGK 1210 A8 replacements.

Additionally, being aware of potential commissions on purchases through affiliates such as the Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Network is crucial. Although these platforms might earn commissions, their primary goal is to provide accurate cross-reference resources that guide users towards compatible spark plug options. Making informed decisions based on confirmed specifications is key to ensuring the correct choice and maximizing your savings while purchasing NGK 1210 A8 spark plug replacements.


What are the equivalents of the NGK 1210 A8 spark plug?

Some equivalent options for the NGK 1210 A8 spark plug include Autolite 2695, Champion D6, Denso 5003, and Torch A8. However, always verify the correct specifications and measurements before selecting a replacement.

Are ACDelco S81F and C81 spark plugs compatible with the NGK 1210 A8?

ACDelco S81F and C81 share cross-reference compatibility with multiple spark plugs, including Champion D14N, Denso 5003, and NGK A8. Be sure to check the specifications for accuracy before selecting a compatible spark plug.

Which spark plugs can replace Bosch M280T1 and maintain compatibility with NGK 1210 A8?

Potential replacements for Bosch M280T1 that align with NGK 1210 A8 specifications include NGK AB-8 and Torch A8. Confirm the application and measurements before selecting a substitute.

How do I select the right NGK 1210 A8 alternative?

Selecting the appropriate NGK 1210 A8 alternative requires careful comparison of specifications and measurements. Cross-reference with options such as Autolite, Champion, Denso, and Torch spark plugs to determine an accurate substitute without jeopardizing engine performance or longevity.

Where can I purchase NGK 1210 A8 replacement spark plugs?

Consumers can find NGK 1210 A8 replacements and their equivalents on platforms like Amazon, with prices varying depending on the product and quantity. Individual spark plugs can be as low as $8.43, or sets priced at $46.16. Before making a purchase, ensure that the replacement spark plug is compatible with your engine.

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