NGK 4722 BR5ES Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference

When it comes to maintaining my vehicle’s performance, I understand the importance of using high-quality components that align perfectly with the engine’s specifications. That’s why discovering the NGK spark plug cross reference is paramount for enthusiasts like me who prioritize both efficiency and longevity in our automotive care. As I explore the intricacies of the NGK 4722 BR5ES cross reference, it’s fascinating how this particular spark plug stands as an NGK 4722 equivalent for various brands, reflecting its versatility and compatibility.

My exploration into the world of vehicle maintenance has taught me that every detail counts, down to the spark plugs I choose. Hence, in this guide, I am dedicated to helping fellow car owners find the correct cross references that ensure seamless operation and avoid the pitfalls associated with incorrect installations. Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a diligent car owner, understanding the right specifications for your NGK 4722 BR5ES spark plug can make all the difference in your vehicle’s performance.

Understanding the Importance of the Correct Spark Plug Cross Reference

As a conscientious car owner, I grasp the critical role that a precise spark plug cross reference plays in the upkeep of a vehicle’s engine. Incorrect spark plug installations are not just setbacks; they’re detours that could lead to serious engine health issues and performance inefficiencies. Just as one wrong part can disrupt an entire system, a misapplied spark plug can thwart the harmony of the engine’s operation, causing potential damage. This underlines the essence of why compatibility—including the cross reference NGK 4722 BR5ES—is vital when selecting a BR5ES spark plug cross reference.

The NGK 4722 BR5ES spark plug is celebrated for its universal application across different vehicle makes and models. As I delve into the nuances of various cross references, it’s evident that this tiny part is a titan in the world of car maintenance. Not only does the correct cross reference ensure optimum engine function, but it also stands as a testament to the necessity of high-quality components for extended vehicle longevity. Here’s how I ensure the vehicle gets the right spark:

  • Check Compatibility: Before installation, I always verify the compatibility of the BR5ES spark plug cross reference with the vehicle’s prescribed specifications.
  • Understand the Codes: I take the time to learn what the part numbers and codes signify, as this knowledge aids me in selecting the right spark plug from the NGK lineup.
  • Review Technical Measurements: I don’t just rely on cross reference charts; I meticulously check the technical measurements against the engine’s requirements to avoid any misapplications.

Let’s put this into perspective with a comparison that highlights the direct cross references for the NGK 4722 BR5ES spark plug and its application in various engine contexts:

Vehicle Brand Original Spark Plug Compatible NGK Spark Plug
Honda 9807955816 NGK 4722 / NGK BR5ES
Nissan 22401-M7915 NGK BR5ES
Generic Equivalent PAL (Brisk) 14L-5R NGK STK 4722

Following this methodical cross reference NGK 4722 BR5ES approach, I bolster the likelihood of preserving the vehicle’s engine and enhancing its performance. The key takeaway here is clear: proper spark plug cross referencing is not just recommended, it’s a fundamental practice for any car owner who values reliability and efficacy in their automotive experiences.

Exploring the NGK 4722 BR5ES Compatibility and Equivalents

As we delve into the specifics of NGK 4722 BR5ES compatibility, it’s clear that this spark plug model is a frontrunner in terms of cross-referencing for various vehicle brands. The NGK 4722 BR5ES establishes itself as a versatile choice that provides a substantial benefit to drivers who are seeking reliable, high-performing spark plugs. Its ability to match up with a range of other spark plug models makes it a valuable component in the toolkit of any automotive enthusiast or professional mechanic.

From PAL (Brisk) 14L-5R to NGK 4722 BR5ES

It’s reassuring to know that the NGK 4722 BR5ES is an ideal substitute for the PAL (Brisk) 14L-5R spark plugs. When examining the NGK 4722 spark plug cross reference, three notable equivalents present themselves, ensuring that I won’t miss a beat when it comes to routine vehicle maintenance:

  • NGK 4722
  • NGK stk 4722

This seamless interchangeability speaks volumes about the quality and versatility that NGK brings to the table with the 4722 BR5ES spark plug model.

How NGK 4722 Matches Up to Honda 9807955816 Spark Plugs

The search for a cross reference for Honda 9807955816 spark plugs leads me to a comforting conclusion. The NGK 4722 spark plug cross reference includes multiple options for Honda engines requiring a specific fit:

  • Denso W16ESRU
  • NGK 3724
  • NGK 4722

With this knowledge, I feel confident recommending the NGK 4722 for those in the Honda community looking to administer preventive maintenance or troubleshoot ignition issues.

Finding the Right Match for Nissan 22401-M7915 with NGK BR5ES

For Nissan enthusiasts steering towards the perfect spark plug replacement, NGK 4722 presents itself as a suitable alternative for the original Nissan 22401-M7915. The NGK BR5ES cross reference further solidifies its stand-in role, which includes:

  • Brisk LR17C
  • Denso W16ESR-U
  • NGK BR5ES (also known as NGK 4722)

This compatibility outline assures me that selecting a BR5ES NGK variant will keep my Nissan’s engine ignition system in pristine condition. These informed choices can make significant differences in the engine’s smooth operation and, ultimately, the vehicle’s reliability.

To summarize the cross-reference capabilities of the NGK 4722 BR5ES spark plug, let’s take a closer look at these replacements in a comprehensive table format:

Original Spark Plug Model Compatible NGK Spark Plug
PAL (Brisk) 14L-5R NGK 4722 / NGK BR5ES / NGK stk 4722
Honda 9807955816 NGK 4722
Nissan 22401-M7915 NGK BR5ES

This table validates my commitment to ensuring vehicles are equipped with the best spark plugs, aligning with the correct specs for top-tier performance and longevity. The NGK 4722 BR5ES proves time and again to be a reliable choice, reflecting my dedication to informed vehicle maintenance and optimization.

The Impact of Choosing the Right Spark Plug on Vehicle Performance

My quest for automotive excellence has always revolved around precision and informed choices. Deliberating over the NGK 4722 to Champion cross reference or the NGK 4722 to Bosch cross reference serves as more than a mere exercise in compatibility; it is the pursuit of optimizing my vehicle’s performance. By ensuring that I select the appropriate spark plug, such as the NGK 4722 BR5ES, I am guaranteeing that my engine runs smoothly, efficiently, and with the vigour it was designed to deliver. This vigilance in the selection process contributes immeasurably to the engine’s prolonged health and overall vehicle dependability.

Every time I delve into a cross reference for the NGK 4722 BR5ES, I am reminded that the consequences of matching the right spark plug to my engine are substantive. Not only does it facilitate cleaner combustion, but it also enhances fuel efficiency and ensures a steady start. Ignition reliability is paramount, and choosing a plug like the NGK 4722 BR5ES, known for its conductive nickel alloy, means I am empowering my engine to fire up readily, perform under pressure, and maintain its stamina across countless miles. The cross-reference data from a reputable source is indispensable, affirming that the NGK 4722’s compatibility with Champion and Bosch is a solid indicator of its adaptability and suitability for fine-tuned engines.

Overall, my experience underscores a simple truth: the spark plug is a humble yet pivotal hero in the narrative of vehicle maintenance. The right choice, such as the NGK 4722 BR5ES, resonates through every aspect of the engine’s performance, proving that a small change can bring about substantial benefits. From the NGK 4722 to Champion cross reference to its equivalence with Bosch spark plugs, this diligent selection process reiterates my commitment to maintaining my car at its pinnacle, reinforcing the maxim that for a superb driving experience, every detail counts.


What does cross reference NGK 4722 BR5ES mean?

Cross referencing NGK 4722 BR5ES means finding equivalent spark plugs from other manufacturers that match the specifications and performance of the NGK 4722 BR5ES spark plug. This is important when you’re seeking compatible replacements from different brands.

Can I use any spark plug if I can’t find the NGK 4722 BR5ES?

No, it’s vital to use a spark plug that matches the specifications of the NGK 4722 BR5ES to ensure proper engine function and avoid damage. Always refer to a cross reference guide to find a suitable replacement.

How do I find the right equivalent spark plug from other brands like Champion or Bosch?

You would need to consult a spark plug cross reference chart that includes the NGK 4722 BR5ES to find appropriate equivalents from brands like Champion or Bosch. These charts offer a comprehensive listing of compatible spark plugs across various manufacturers.

What could happen if I install the wrong spark plug in my vehicle?

Installing the wrong spark plug can lead to engine misfire, reduced fuel efficiency, decreased performance, and even engine damage. It’s critical to match the correct specifications, including heat range and electrode design.

Are there specific benefits to using the NGK 4722 BR5ES in my engine?

Yes, using the NGK 4722 BR5ES ensures you are getting a spark plug designed for optimal performance and longevity, which may help improve ignition efficiency, reduce emissions, and provide reliable starts, assuming it’s the correct spark plug for your engine’s specifications.

What is the cross reference for a PAL (Brisk) 14L-5R to NGK 4722 BR5ES?

The NGK 4722 BR5ES is an equivalent replacement for the PAL (Brisk) 14L-5R. Always confirm with the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure compatibility.

Is there an NGK 4722 equivalent for the Honda 9807955816 spark plug?

Yes, the NGK 4722 is a compatible replacement for the Honda 9807955816 spark plug model, along with other alternatives like Denso W16ESRU and NGK 3724.

Can I use the NGK BR5ES for the Nissan part number 22401-M7915?

Absolutely. The NGK BR5ES or its variant NGK 4722 can be used as a replacement for the Nissan part number 22401-M7915. However, always compare the manufacturer’s reference data before making the change.

How does using the correct spark plug cross reference improve my vehicle performance?

Employing the right spark plug cross reference means your engine will get spark plugs that are optimized for it, which can lead to better combustion, improved fuel efficiency, and smoother engine operation, ultimately enhancing vehicle performance.

What is the equivalent of NGK 4722 BR5ES in other NGK models?

NGK spark plugs such as NGK BR5ES and NGK stk 4722 are direct equivalents of the 4722 BR5ES. Make sure to check compatibility with your specific engine model before purchasing.

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