NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide

When it comes to ensuring that your vehicle is running at its peak performance, we know how important it is to choose the right spark plug. That’s why we provide comprehensive information to help you with the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 cross reference, a service that ensures you can find the exact NGK plug interchange you need. Our focus today is the highly reliable NGK spark plug, the LMAR6A-9 spark plug, noted for its superior longevity and optimal functioning within a range of Suzuki and Yamaha PowerSports vehicles.

We understand that finding the right spark plug can be paramount to your vehicle’s efficiency and durability. The NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug is not only a testament to NGK’s reputation for quality but also an example of their commitment to providing parts that deliver results. Priced competitively and designed for ease of install, this spark plug is a standout choice for maintaining your engine’s health and ensuring the best possible driving experience. Let’s delve into the remarkable features and specifications that make this spark plug an essential addition to your vehicle maintenance toolkit.

Understanding NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 Spark Plug Features

Exploring the attributes of the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug, we uncover a range of features engineered for performance and reliability. This plug is the epitome of NGK’s commitment to top-tier spark plug manufacturing, embodying advanced technology in every aspect of its design. Let’s take a closer look at what sets this particular model apart and how it aligns with the NGK spark plug cross reference and LMAR6A-9 cross reference, ensuring you choose a spark plug that matches your vehicular needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Construction: With nickel electrodes and a copper core, the NGK 5946 spark plug conducts heat efficiently, enhancing the longevity of the plug.
  • Enhanced Heat Transfer: A pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator provides exceptional strength and improves heat dissipation, critical in maintaining engine performance.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The trivalent metal plating offers excellent protection against corrosion and seizing, which facilitates easier spark plug installation and removal.
  • Preventing Flashover: Designed with corrugated ribs, this feature effectively prevents flashover, contributing to consistent engine operation.
  • Leakage Prevention: Triple seals within the plug design ensure no leakage occurs, safeguarding engine integrity.

At the core of the NGK 5946 spark plug features is its ability to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) with a built-in resistor. This is particularly crucial for the smooth operation of electronic devices in your PowerSports vehicles. Additionally, with a specific 5k Ohm resistor value intrinsic to this model’s design, the LMAR6A-9 spark plug ensures reliability and performance.

Feature Description Benefit to Vehicle
Nickel Electrodes Promotes better conductivity and heat control Optimal firing and longevity
Copper Core Facilitates heat removal from the firing end Prevents overheating, improves lifespan
Alumina Silicate Ceramic Insulator Offers superior strength and thermal conductivity Steady spark and efficient combustion
Trivalent Metal Plating Ensures anti-corrosive and anti-seizing properties Ease of maintenance and consistent performance
Corrugated Ribs Prevent flashover which can disrupt the spark path Reliable engine starts and operation
Triple Seals Guard against leakage Maintains engine health and performance
Resistor with 5k Ohm Value Suppresses EMI that can affect electronic components Stable vehicle electronics and firing performance

When considering the NGK 5946 spark plug features within the scope of an LMAR6A-9 cross reference, it becomes clear that we are not just dealing with a standard plug, but rather one that has been designed with meticulous attention to detail. It reflects the NGK’s promise of quality and provides a solution to the varying demands of Suzuki and Yamaha PowerSports engines. With this insight, we ensure that our choice in spark plugs leverages NGK’s innovation for the most robust performance of our vehicles.

NGK Spark Plug Cross Reference: LMAR6A-9 Compatibility

When we look into optimizing engine performance, the importance of the correct spark plug cannot be exaggerated. Our investigation into the NGK cross reference chart helps shed light on the compatibility of NGK spark plugs, particularly the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 model, with a multitude of vehicles. This NGK equivalent spark plug is designed to fit perfectly with certain models, ensuring your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Identifying Compatible Vehicles for NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9

Through meticulous research, we can confirm the LMAR6A-9 compatible vehicles include a variety of PowerSports models. Notably, the Suzuki KingQuad AXi from years 2015 to 2017 and an assortment of Yamaha Grizzly models from 2009 to 2017 exemplify the compatibility range of this spark plug. Below is a detailed list of models that are compatible with the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug:

  • 2017 Suzuki LT-A500 KingQuad AXi Base
  • 2016 Suzuki LT-A500 KingQuad AXi Base
  • 2015 Suzuki LT-A500 KingQuad AXi Base
  • Yamaha YFM550 Grizzly FI 4×4 Auto Base (2009-2017)
  • Yamaha YFM700 Grizzly FI 4×4 Auto Base and its EPS and SE variations (2009-2017)

NGK Spark Plug Conversion: Finding Equivalents

Finding an NGK equivalent spark plug is made easier with the aid of the NGK cross reference chart. This valuable tool allows for an accurate NGK spark plug conversion, helping to pinpoint appropriate alternatives when the specific NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 model may not be available. Here is a brief representation of what such a conversion chart might entail:

Original NGK Part Number Equivalent NGK Part Numbers Vehicle Compatibility
NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 Alternative Part Number 1 Vehicle Series A
NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 Alternative Part Number 2 Vehicle Series B
NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 Alternative Part Number 3 Vehicle Series C

Optimizing Engine Performance with NGK 5946 Spark Plug

The NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug encompasses features that are at the forefront of optimizing engine performance. This product’s meticulous design, incorporating nickel electrodes and a copper core, allows for exceptional heat dissipation and durability. We take pride in offering spark plugs that contribute to an efficient and powerful engine operation. NGK spark plug features designed for performance optimization include:

  • **Improved thermal conductivity**: for a steady spark and efficient combustion.
  • **Resilience to damage**: ensuring that the spark plug maintains its function even under tough operating conditions.
  • **Electromagnetic interference suppression**: maintaining the integrity of the vehicle’s electronic systems.

Ultimately, choosing the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug means not only embracing NGK spark plug features but also actively participating in the pursuit of an optimized engine performance for your vehicle. As we provide these insights, we enable you to make informed decisions for your vehicle maintenance, ensuring that your ride remains powerful and reliable.

Installation and Maintenance Tips for NGK LMAR6A-9 Spark Plugs

Ensuring that your NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plugs are installed properly is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle’s engine. We’ve gathered expert installation and maintenance tips to help you keep your engine running smoothly.

Proper Installation of Your LMAR6A-9 Spark Plug

  • Before installation, verify that the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug is the correct part for your vehicle.
  • Prepare the right tools, ensuring you have a torque wrench and the correct spark plug socket.
  • Always check and adjust the gap to the manufacturer’s specifications, which for the LMAR6A-9 is set at 0.9mm or .035″.
  • Clean the spark plug seat area on the engine to prevent debris from entering the combustion chamber.
  • Screw in the spark plug by hand until it is seated, to prevent cross-threading.
  • Use a torque wrench to tighten the spark plug to the recommended torque specs.

For those performing the installation, it’s important to note that the LMAR6A-9 spark plug has different torque specifications based on the seat material:

Seat Material Torque Specifications
Cast Iron 7.2-10.8 lb. ft.
Aluminum 7.2-8.7 lb. ft.

Our spark plugs’ corrosion-resistant plating means that whether you’re dealing with Cast Iron or Aluminum, you’ll find the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 installation process straightforward. This allows for ease of removal and installation, contributing to your long-term spark plug maintenance.

Maintaining Your NGK 5946 Spark Plugs

When we talk about spark plug maintenance, we’re focusing on the practices that will guarantee your engine’s consistent performance. Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Perform regular checks on your spark plugs, particularly before long trips or after severe usage.
  • Inspect and replace your spark plugs every 30k miles, or sooner if you notice any issues such as hard starts, engine misfires, or a decrease in fuel efficiency.
  • Look out for symptoms of aging spark plugs: deposits, erosion, or damaged insulators can all affect performance.
  • Be attentive to the condition of your vehicle for early signs that could indicate a spark plug issue.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific vehicle model when performing any maintenance.

Benefit from an unmatched driving experience by applying these NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 installation tips and consistent spark plug maintenance. Count on NGK’s quality to deliver the high performance and durability every vehicle requires. By taking these steps, you are actively contributing to a healthy, high-functioning engine for your vehicle.

Why Choosing the Right Spark Plug Matters: NGK’s Precision and Quality

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, the significance of selecting the appropriate spark plug cannot be overstated. At the heart of engine performance lies the unerring precision and quality of each spark plug. NGK, a brand renowned for its rigorously crafted spark plugs, provides a clear testament to this. The NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 is a prime example of a component that has been finessed to meet the high demands of sophisticated engine systems. Its construction ensures superior performance and an extended product lifespan, thanks to NGK’s precision in manufacturing.

NGK’s stringent attention to detail is evident in every facet of their spark plug design, particularly when it comes to the resistor value importance. A precise 5k Ohm resistor is integrated into the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9, a critical feature that maintains optimal electrical insulation and protects against electromagnetic interference with electronic systems. This meticulous engineering is what prevents misfires and ensures a robust and continuous spark, fostering overall vehicular health and reliability.

We proudly rely on NGK’s level of expertise and commitment to spark plug quality, knowing that our choice profoundly impacts engine functionality and efficiency. Through consistently upholding and innovating upon a high standard for their spark plugs, NGK provides the automotive community with the assurance that every ride is powered by unmatched precision. Whether cruising city streets or navigating challenging terrains, you can count on NGK’s spark plugs to deliver peak performance time and time again.


What is the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug cross reference?

The NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 cross reference is a reference guide that helps in finding equivalent spark plugs that can replace the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9. It ensures compatibility with your vehicle’s engine when an exact NGK 5946 model is not available.

Can I interchange the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug with other brands?

Yes, you can interchange the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug with equivalent plugs from other manufacturers. This is done by consulting a cross reference chart to find a plug with similar performance characteristics.

What are the features of the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug?

The NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug features trivalent metal plating for anti-corrosion and anti-seizing, corrugated ribs to prevent flashover, pure alumina silicate ceramic insulators, and a copper core for better heat transfer. It also has triple seals to prevent leakage and a 5k Ohm resistor to minimize electromagnetic interference.

What vehicles are compatible with the NGK LMAR6A-9 spark plug?

The NGK LMAR6A-9 spark plug is compatible with several models of Suzuki KingQuad AXi and Yamaha Grizzly ATVs, specifically the Suzuki models from 2015 to 2017 and Yamaha Grizzly models from 2009 to 2017. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation for compatibility with your specific vehicle model.

How do I use the NGK cross reference chart for spark plug conversion?

To use the NGK cross reference chart for spark plug conversion, look up the model number of the spark plug you have (e.g., NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9) and find the corresponding numbers of other manufacturers. This chart will indicate the equivalent spark plugs that you can use as replacements or alternatives.

How can the NGK 5946 spark plug optimize engine performance?

The NGK 5946 spark plug can optimize engine performance through its high-quality construction materials, including nickel electrodes and a copper core, which enable efficient heat dissipation, stable spark generation, and improved combustion. This ultimately contributes to better fuel efficiency and enhanced engine reliability.

What are the installation tips for the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug?

When installing the NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 spark plug, ensure to use the correct torque specifications, which are 7.2-10.8 lb. ft for cast iron and 7.2-8.7 lb. ft for aluminum. Check for the correct gap and apply anti-seize paste on the threads if recommended by the manufacturer.

How often should NGK LMAR6A-9 spark plugs be maintained?

NGK LMAR6A-9 spark plugs should be inspected regularly and replaced according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, typically at 30k miles intervals, to maintain optimal engine performance.

Why is precision and quality important when choosing a spark plug?

Precision and quality are crucial in spark plugs to ensure proper fitment, peak performance, longevity, and reliability of your engine. NGK’s precision-manufactured spark plugs are designed to meet the specific needs of your engine and provide consistent results.

What is the importance of the resistor value in NGK spark plugs?

The resistor value in NGK spark plugs, such as the 5k Ohm resistor in NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9, is important to suppress electromagnetic interference that can disrupt electronic systems in your vehicle. It also helps maintain a reliable spark, contributing to smoother engine operation and performance.

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