NGK 6130 BCPR5ES Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide

As an automotive enthusiast, I understand the importance of finding the right spark plug for your vehicle. That’s why I turn to the reliable NGK 6130 BCPR5ES spark plug for its exceptional compatibility and performance. This comprehensive guide meticulously outlines the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES cross reference, ensuring you can find the ideal NGK spark plug cross reference chart for a seamless replacement. From muscle cars to daily drivers, I trust this guide to provide the precise NGK 6130 BCPR5ES replacement needed for a range of engines and applications.

Understanding the Specifications of NGK 6130 BCPR5ES Spark Plugs

Identifying the correct spark plug for an engine is a critical aspect of vehicle maintenance that can affect performance, efficiency, and longevity. For those seeking an NGK 6130 BCPR5ES equivalent or NGK 6130 spark plug alternative, it is imperative to comprehend the specific attributes that make this spark plug a preferred choice for many automotive applications.

The NGK 6130 BCPR5ES spark plug is designed with a thread diameter of 14.0 mm, ensuring it can fit into the engine’s cylinder head properly. With a thread reach of 19 mm, it extends into the combustion chamber to the precise depth, thus allowing it to fire effectively. The hex size of 16 mm allows for the correct wrench to be used during installation and removal, safeguarding the integrity of the spark plug and the engine head.

This spark plug’s durability stems from its robust nickel construction, which aids in maximizing the longevity of the spark plug, even under demanding conditions. When considering an NGK BCPR5ES interchange, this quality is of utmost importance, as the right material construction ensures compatibility and performance.

The efficiency of a spark plug also lies in the proper gap setting, which for the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES and its alternatives, typically stands at 0.8 mm. This gap determines the distance between the central and ground electrodes, a crucial parameter for sparking and, consequently, for the efficient combustion of fuel within the engine.

Feature Specification Remarks
Thread Diameter 14.0 mm Ensures proper fit in the cylinder head
Thread Reach 19 mm Correct depth for effective firing in the combustion chamber
Hex Size 16 mm Helps utilize the correct wrench size for installation
Material Nickel construction Durability, especially under stressful conditions
Spark Plug Gap 0.8 mm Ideal for optimal performance and fuel efficiency

Gaining an intimate understanding of these specifications is not just about ensuring proper engine function; it’s about instilling confidence that the spark plug will perform optimally. The NGK 6130 BCPR5ES and its equivalents are not just components; they play a central role in the story of a vehicle’s ongoing reliability and performance.

Extensive Cross Reference Chart for NGK 6130 BCPR5ES Spark Plug

When maintaining or enhancing engine performance, choosing the right spark plug is paramount. My pursuit to ensure compatibility and top-notch efficiency leads me to explore the comprehensive world of NGK spark plug interchange. Knowing how the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES cross reference works with a variety of brands and models gives me, and fellow enthusiasts, the assurance of a perfect match.

Compatible Spark Plugs for Various Brands and Models

In my role as a seasoned automotive expert, I’ve come across countless instances where finding a suitable replacement for an original component is necessary. Particularly, when it comes to spark plugs such as the NGK BCPR5ES, it’s crucial to have a clear direction. Here’s where my deep dive into cross-referencing comes into play:

Original Brand Model Cross-Referenced Spark Plug
Briggs & Stratton 491055S NGK 6130 BCPR5ES
Champion OE005 NGK 6130 BCPR5ES
ACDelco 41825 NGK 6130 BCPR5ES
Denso 3137 NGK BCPR5ES

Understanding that a spark plug like the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES can be the keystone for a multitude of engines, not just automobiles, but also for smaller engines found in lawn mowers and other equipment, is truly fulfilling.

Key Factors to Consider When Interchanging Spark Plugs

To avoid missteps when replacing spark plugs, there are essential factors to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that thread dimensions align with the engine’s requirements.
  • Verify that the spark plug’s thread reach is suitable for the depth of the engine’s head.
  • Match the hex size to enable proper installation and removal.
  • Adhere to the specified spark plug gap for your engine for peak performance.

For example, I take special care that the spark plugs I utilize respect the 0.8 mm gap size necessary for many engines, ensuring that I’m maintaining fuel efficiency and functionality.

Ensuring Accurate Spark Plug Replacement with NGK 6130 BCPR5ES

In order to guarantee a precise spark plug swap, it’s not enough to simply approximate fitment. One must check the compatibility meticulously against the original part number:

By carefully reviewing cross-reference charts and compatibility lists, I can assure the exactitude of my replacements and maintain the reliability of an engine. The NGK 6130 BCPR5ES stands as a testament to NGK’s versatile and dependable line of spark plugs.

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a dedicated DIYer, understanding the cross-referencing for the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES is incredibly beneficial. This reliable spark plug ensures that, regardless of the brand or engine model, you have access to a compatible, high-performing alternative.

Wielding this broader knowledge of the NGK BCPR5ES cross reference, I am better equipped to handle a range of maintenance and performance tuning situations. Integrating this strategic approach to spark plug compatibility extends not just the life of an engine, but also the satisfaction of its operator.

Optimizing Vehicle Performance with the Right NGK Spark Plug Cross Reference

As a vehicle enthusiast and professional in the automotive field, I’ve always emphasized the profound impact that the right spark plug can have on an engine’s performance. Delving into the realm of NGK spark plug cross reference, particularly the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES, has revealed a significant spectrum of compatibility and efficiency gains for various vehicle engines. Widely recognized as a direct substitute for Denso 3137 and other models, the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES stands as a beacon of adaptability and reliability in the automotive world.

The concept of NGK BCPR5ES interchange is one that resonates with users who value precision in engine tuning and maintenance. Ensuring that every parameter from thread size to electrode gap is meticulously matched, allows for optimized engine performance and prolonged engine lifespan. This meticulous approach to spark plug selection, specifically the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES cross reference, offers me peace of mind that I am equipping engines with a product that promises consistency and maximizes efficiency.

Ultimately, the strength of the NGK spark plug line lies in its detail-orientated approach to cross-referencing. By ensuring that users can find the correct specifications and measurements for their applications, engines run smoother and perform better. I take pride in applying this knowledge to better advise fellow vehicle aficionados and mechanics, ensuring that their rides benefit from the full potential that an accurately selected NGK spark plug can provide.


What is the cross reference for NGK 6130 BCPR5ES spark plug?

The NGK 6130 BCPR5ES spark plug cross references with a variety of other brands’ spark plugs, including the Accel 416, ACDelco 41-603, Autolite 3924, Beru 14FR-8DU, Bosch F8DCOR, Briggs & Stratton 491055S, Champion RC9YC, Champion OE005, Denso Q16PR-U, and the Briggs & Stratton 992305, to name a few.

Can I find a cross reference chart for the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES spark plug?

Yes, a cross reference chart for the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES can be found on NGK’s official website or through various automotive parts providers. It lists compatible spark plugs from different manufacturers and should be consulted to verify the correct replacement for your vehicle’s engine.

What are the specifications of the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES spark plug?

The NGK 6130 BCPR5ES spark plug has a thread diameter of 14.0 mm, a thread reach of 19 mm, a hex size of 16 mm, and the spark plug gap is typically set at 0.8 mm. These specific dimensions are crucial for ensuring fitment and compatibility with your vehicle’s engine.

What are some key factors to consider when interchanging spark plugs?

Key factors to consider when interchanging spark plugs include verifying the correct thread size and reach, ensuring that the hex size matches your application, and setting the spark plug gap as specified for your vehicle’s engine. These factors are essential for proper fuel efficiency and engine performance.

How do I ensure accurate spark plug replacement with the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES?

To ensure accurate replacement, cross-reference the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES with the OEM part number for your vehicle’s spark plug. Additionally, cross-reference charts and compatibility lists should be checked to find an equivalent spark plug with the same specifications and measurements.

What should I do to optimize my vehicle’s performance with the right spark plug cross reference?

To optimize your vehicle’s performance, select the appropriate spark plug cross reference that meets your engine’s requirements. This involves verifying the specifications and measurements of the NGK 6130 BCPR5ES or its equivalents to ensure you are using the best match for your vehicle. Always seek professional advice or refer to your vehicle’s manual if you are uncertain about the correct spark plug choice.

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