NGK 6208 LR8B Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide

When it comes to maintaining the health of your vehicle’s engine, choosing the right spark plug can make all the difference. In our comprehensive guide, we delve into the details of the NGK 6208 LR8B spark plug, notable for its precision-engineered thread diameter of 10.0mm, thread reach of 12.7mm, and a hex size of 16mm. Amidst the vast array of spark plug options, the NGK 6208 LR8B stands out for its compatibility with a host of engines, earning its place as a leading choice for both replacement and performance enhancement.

We understand the importance of accurate cross-referencing in the journey to peak engine performance and longevity. That’s why we provide a thorough insight into the myriad of cross-reference alternatives available, including Brisk’s 1540 and NAR12YS models, and Denso’s diverse offerings such as IUF24 and U24FSR-U, to name a few. Additionally, we outline the applications of the NGK 6208 LR8B in various KTM engine models, ensuring that you can make an informed decision. However, remember that our cross-reference guide is intended for general information purposes, and verifying correct specifications for your specific needs is paramount.

Join us as we navigate the subtleties of spark plug selection, armed with expertise and attention to detail. With our guide, we aim to empower you, offering peace of mind that the decision you’re making is not merely suitable, but optimal for your engine’s requirements.

Understanding NGK 6208 LR8B Spark Plug Specifications

As we delve into the realm of vehicle maintenance and engine performance, understanding the specifications of the spark plugs we choose is crucial. Amongst the pantheon of spark plug options, the NGK 6208 LR8B distinguishes itself with specifications designed for reliability and efficiency. We’re here to explore the reasons behind its popularity, particularly in high-performance applications.

First and foremost, this spark plug features a thread diameter of 10.0 mm. This measurement is not arbitrary; it is carefully crafted to fit snugly within the engine’s cylinder, ensuring that it can furnish an optimal combustion environment. The corresponding thread reach of 12.7 mm signifies the depth this plug extends into the combustion chamber, a critical factor in precise ignition timing. Additionally, the installation convenience is enhanced by a hex size of 16 mm, which accommodates standard tool sizes for ease of replacement.

The NGK 6208 LR8B spark plug is not only about dimensions; it represents a harmonious blend of form and functionality that culminates in its prevalent use across various KTM engine models. The table below showcases its applications, ensuring that your choices in spark plug replacements are made with authority and precision.

Brand Model Engine Size (cc) HP KW Year Engine Notes # of Cylinders Spark Plug Gap (mm)
KTM 50 SX Mini 50 2010 – Present High-performance mini racing engine 1 0.7
KTM 50 SX 50 2010 – Present High-power output for competitive racing 1 0.7
KTM 65 SX 65 2009 – Present Advanced engine designed for agility and speed 1 0.6

It is imperative to underscore that while these specifics point us toward a suitable match, verification against the engine’s requirements is paramount. The spark plug gap, in particular, demands careful attention. For KTM models such as the 50 SX Mini and 50 SX, a 0.7 mm gap is specified, whereas for the 65 SX model, a slightly smaller gap of 0.6 mm is recommended.

At the heart of our discussion is a commitment to optimal engine health and performance. Ensuring that the NGK 6208 LR8B meets and exceeds an engine’s specifications is not just about following manufacturer recommendations; it’s about harnessing every ounce of potential your engine has to offer. And as we know, when it comes to high-performance engines, every detail counts.

Compatible Alternatives to NGK 6208 LR8B Spark Plugs

As engine enthusiasts and vehicle owners, we constantly seek the best components to enhance the performance of our machines. The NGK 6208 LR8B has established a strong reputation on the market, but it’s important for us to explore and understand compatible alternatives that may also serve your engine’s needs. We take pride in offering comprehensive information that helps in identifying suitable replacements for these spark plugs.

Several directly compatible alternatives to the NGK 6208 LR8B spark plug exist, including options like the Brisk NAR12YS, which can be used interchangeably. Beyond this direct match, there are a host of indirect alternatives spanning various brands that merit consideration. Below, we have carefully curated a list of these replacements, ensuring that you have the details required to make an informed choice tailored to your engine’s specifications.

  • Autolite 2794 – A robust spark plug suitable for a range of applications
  • Bosch 0 242 060 500 – Known for its durability and optimal performance
  • Champion Z6 – Provides reliable ignition for various engine types
  • Denso U24FS – Utilizes advanced technologies for enhanced efficiency
  • …and many others that align with the engine requirements of Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and more

The following table compares the NGK LR8B to the Brisk NAR12YS, showcasing the similarities that make them directly compatible. This side-by-side view also indicates the precision required in cross-referencing spark plugs for a seamless replacement process.

Characteristic NGK 6208 LR8B Brisk NAR12YS
Thread Diameter (mm) 10.0 10.0
Thread Reach (mm) 12.7 12.7
Hex Size (mm) 16 16
Gap (mm) Specified per application Specified per application

While flexibility in choosing a suitable replacement spark plug is beneficial, it must come with a caveat: the critical nature of referencing proper specifications and measurements for their intended application. Fitment, heat range, and the optimal spark plug gap are all paramount to maintaining engine integrity and performance. We stress the importance of cross-reference guides for general reference only, as thorough verification against original specifications is key to ensuring your alternative spark plug’s compatibility with your particular engine’s needs.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide tailored guidance that reflects the detailed nuances of engine maintenance. With our robust insights into compatible alternatives, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to keep your engine running at its peak performance.

Why Choose NGK Spark Plugs: The Brand’s Legacy and Quality

Since its inception in 1936, NGK Spark Plugs has paved the way for ignition and sensor technological innovation, solidifying its stature as a cornerstone manufacturer in the automotive components industry. Such longevity and success are not coincidences; they are the fruits of an unwavering commitment to performance, quality, and groundbreaking innovation. As a testament to their expertise, products like the NGK 6208 LR8B spark plug are emblematic of this heritage—a progeny of the NTK Technical Ceramics division’s collaborative engineering with the automobile manufacturing goliath.

Our trust in NGK extends beyond its product’s compatibility and towards its storied stature within the industry. Manufacturers like Honda, Ford, and BMW don’t merely recognize the efficacy of NGK—they rely on it. When you choose an NGK spark plug, you’re selecting an integral piece of this heritage, one that ignites engines across continents and conditions. The NGK 6208 LR8B, along with others such as the Racing Spark Plugs and NGK Iridium IX, manifest as benchmarks for their remarkable durability and formidable performance.

Upstanding environmental stewardship accentuates NGK’s global presence, reflecting its conscious corporate ethos. Aligning practices with a sustainable society, NGK’s environmental action plan echoes the company’s responsibility towards the planet. Be it maximized engine performance or allegiance to ecological balance, NGK products like the NGK 6208 LR8B are purposed not only to power vehicles, but also to advocate for environmental harmony. Our guidance and recommendations are anchored to these cumulatively unmatched qualities of NGK, aiming to contribute to your vehicle’s performance and our shared environment.


What is the significance of using the NGK 6208 LR8B spark plug cross reference?

Using the NGK 6208 LR8B cross reference is significant for finding compatible alternatives that will fit and function properly in the engine, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. The cross reference helps in identifying equivalent spark plugs from different brands when replacements are needed.

What are the specific specifications of the NGK 6208 LR8B spark plug?

The NGK 6208 LR8B spark plug specifications include a thread diameter of 10.0mm, thread reach of 12.7mm, and a hex size of 16mm. These dimensions play a critical role in ensuring that the spark plug will fit correctly in the designated engines.

Can NGK 6208 LR8B spark plugs be used in KTM engines?

Yes, NGK 6208 LR8B spark plugs are commonly used in various KTM engines, such as those found in the 50 SX Mini, 50 SX, and 65 SX models, provided they meet the engine’s required specifications, including the correct spark plug gap.

Is there a difference between direct and indirect cross references for the NGK 6208 LR8B?

Direct cross references for the NGK 6208 LR8B are those that have identical specifications and can be substituted directly. Indirect cross references may require additional verification of compatibility based on the engine’s specific needs and might vary slightly in design or materials.

What should be considered when selecting a replacement for an NGK 6208 LR8B spark plug?

When selecting a replacement for an NGK 6208 LR8B spark plug, consider the spark plug’s compatibility with the engine, the dimensional fit, the recommended spark plug gap, and the intended use of the vehicle, whether for standard driving conditions or more demanding performance requirements.

Why do engine applications vary in their spark plug requirements?

Engine applications vary in their spark plug requirements due to differences in design, combustion chamber size, fuel quality, engine load, and performance expectations. Such factors influence necessary properties like heat range and electrode materials for adequate ignition.

What is NGK Spark Plugs’ reputation in the automotive industry?

NGK Spark Plugs has a longstanding reputation for excellence in the automotive industry. It is known for its innovation, quality, and performance. The brand is a leading producer of spark plugs and oxygen sensors, recognized by automobile manufacturers and consumers alike for its reliability and cutting-edge technology.

Are there any environmentally friendly options among NGK spark plugs?

Yes, NGK is committed to offering environmentally friendly products and practices sustainable manufacturing. They strive to reduce their environmental impact and provide options that support better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

What are the advantages of NGK spark plugs over other brands?

The advantages of NGK spark plugs over other brands include their advanced technology, consistent performance, wide range of products catering to various engine specifications, and the brand’s commitment to quality and reliability. They also offer superior materials, such as copper core, platinum, or iridium, that provide longevity and better ignition.

How important is the spark plug gap in a spark plug’s performance?

The spark plug gap is crucial for a spark plug’s performance. It needs to be set to the engine manufacturer’s specifications to ensure efficient fuel combustion, smooth engine operation, and optimal fuel economy. An incorrectly set gap can lead to engine misfiring, reduced power, and increased emissions.

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