NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide

As someone who’s deeply entrenched in the world of automotive maintenance and performance, I constantly keep an eye out for quality components that can bolster a vehicle’s reliability and efficiency. In search of an extensive NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 cross reference, I’ve delved into the nuances of matching this premium spark plug with numerous alternatives. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or an automotive enthusiast, understanding the breadth of the spark plug cross reference is vital. My exploration led me to a slew of compatible choices extending beyond the NGK spark plug cross reference; it’s a testament to the versatility of the NGK spark plug 6779 BCPR6ES-11 and its wide range of applications.

Importantly, while perusing the myriad of alternatives from notable brands like ACDelco, Bosch, and Champion, it’s crucial to check for correct specifications and measurements specific to your vehicle’s needs. This isn’t just about ensuring a part fits; it’s about safeguarding the optimum performance of your engine. Join me as we dial into the details and discover why the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 is not just another spark plug, but rather a pivotal piece in the intricate puzzle of vehicle performance.

Understanding the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 Spark Plug Specifications

My in-depth review of the NGK spark plug specifications reveals the BCPR6ES-11 to be a stellar choice for various makes and models, ensuring peak performance for a spectrum of engines. As an automotive journalist and enthusiast, I pay particular attention to the details—acknowledging that these subtle numbers and measurements speak volumes about an engine’s potential efficiency and power.

Key to these specifications is the **spark plug gap**, sitting uniformly at 1.1mm across applications, which is critical for maintaining the precise amount of electrical charge needed for the ignition in the cylinders. Indeed, proper gapping ensures an ideal flame kernel, resulting in smooth and efficient combustion, translating to direct performance and longevity benefits for the vehicle.

Ensuring compatibility and mastery over the NGK 6779 cross reference chart is also integral to my work. The chart is indicative of the immense reach and adaptability of the NGK spark plug range. Moreover, it illustrates NGK’s expert engineering that allows their spark plugs to meet and exceed the requirements of various models and engine environments.

Let’s dive into the specifics with a detailed table that collates the critical vehicle applications for the NGK BCPR6ES-11:

Brand Model Engine Size HP Year Engine Type # of Cyl Spark Plug Gap
FORD Escort ’86 1.4L 73 1986-1990 F6B CVH CFI 4 1.1mm
NISSAN 300 ZX Z31 3.0L 166 1984-1989 VG30 6 1.1mm

As you can see, from the trusty Ford Escort to the performance-centered Nissan 300 ZX, the BCPR6ES-11 meets the demands with unwavering precision. Each specification adheres to a stringent manufacturing standard that positions NGK as the authority in spark plug technology. The BCPR6ES-11 cross reference, encompassing compatibility with vehicles from Ford to Nissan, confirms my trust in NGK for delivering quality that performs under pressure.

In conclusion, recognizing the right spark plug dimensions, including the spark plug gap for your specific vehicle, is no mere detail—it’s a crucial element in a chain reaction that powers your engine. Trust in the numbers; trust in the specifications—trust in NGK to light up your ride.

Comprehensive Cross-Reference List for NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11

Embarking on a thorough exploration of the BCPR6ES-11 spark plug compatibility, it’s my objective to provide a robust cross-reference guide. This is integral not only for the seasoned mechanic but also for the avid gearhead who seeks to maintain their vehicle’s engine in peak condition. My findings reveal over 86 equivalent spark plugs that match the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11, affirming its widespread adaptability across a multitude of vehicle makes and models.

Identifying Compatible Spark Plugs for Replacement

Meticulously matching a spark plug’s specifications to the engine’s requirements holds the key to preserving engine health. It is this precision that can prevent misfires, ensure smooth operation, and curtail potential damage. The NGK 6779 alternative list is replete with options, from copper core to advanced iridium and platinum tips, ensuring each engine finds its perfect spark companion.

Impact of Choosing the Correct Spark Plug on Vehicle Performance

What’s the significance of a precise spark plug fitment? It’s a cornerstone of vehicular vitality, impacting everything from engine efficiency, fuel consumption, to emissions control. By conjugating a perfect NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 cross-reference selection, each driver is afforded the assurance of maintaining their engine’s original vigor and vivacity. Through this synergy, optimum combustion and engine responsiveness become attainable, thereby safeguarding the longevity and exemplary performance of the vehicle.

Equivalent Spark Plugs from Different Brands

The essence of my commitment is to elucidate the landscape of spark plug replacements for my audience. With this in mind, I have compiled a table that showcases the veritable buffet of equivalent spark plugs from renowned brands, exhibiting the BCPR6ES-11 spark plug cross-reference and allowing for flexible interchangeability for maintenance and replacement.

Equivalent Brand Spark Plug Model
ACDelco 41825, AC5, FR1LS, FR2LS
Autolite 3923, 3924
Bosch FR7DCX+, FR7DPX, stk 7553
Champion RC12YC, RC9YC4
Denso 5302, IQ20, Q20PR-U11
Motorcraft AGPR22C1, AGPR32CD1

By discovering the depth and diversity of spark plug replacements that dovetail with the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11, I underscore the vast progression of automotive ingenuity and engineering. Spark plugs may be small in stature, but their role in a vehicle’s performance is immense—and finding the right match is indeed a journey worth taking.

Why Choose NGK Spark Plugs? The Benefits of Premium Materials and Engineering

Throughout my career in evaluating automotive components, I’ve seen firsthand the distinct advantages that come with using premium spark plug materials. In my experience, NGK spark plugs stand out due to their high-grade materials and precise engineering, ensuring optimal performance and durability under a variety of driving conditions. The NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 spark plug is a prime example of NGK engineering excellence, reflecting the company’s long-standing commitment to innovation and unmatched quality that has been prevalent since 1936.

The benefits of NGK spark plugs stem from the meticulous attention to detail during the manufacturing process. Every spark plug produced features the precision that is essential for the fine-tuned ignition systems of modern vehicles. Whether it’s the high-performing Iridium IX and Laser Iridium options or the dependable V-Power and standard NGK Platinum plugs, clients are sure to benefit from a product that meets their specific vehicular needs—each crafted with the sustainability and environmental consideration that underpin NGK’s operations.

My endorsement of NGK spark plugs is echoed by the trust they have garnered from major automobile manufacturers across the globe. Entities like Honda, Toyota, Ford, and elite brands such as Volkswagen and Rolls Royce, all rely on NGK for their engine’s ignition needs. This widespread adoption is a testament to NGK’s proficiency in producing spark plugs that epitomize reliability and superior performance. In sum, choosing NGK spark plugs means investing in the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle backed by a history of proven excellence in automotive engineering.


What is the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 Spark Plug?

The NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 is a nickel spark plug designed to deliver superior performance and is compatible with a wide range of engines. It is recognized for its durability and reliability in various driving conditions.

Which engines are suitable for the NGK BCPR6ES-11 spark plugs?

The NGK BCPR6ES-11 spark plugs are suitable for a variety of engine sizes and models, including vehicles from Ford, Nissan, and several other manufacturers, typically ranging from 1.4 liters to 3 liters in engine displacement.

How many replacements are available for the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11?

There are 86 known replacements for the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 spark plug across multiple brands, such as ACDelco, Autolite, Champion, and Bosch, among others. It’s important to check the compatibility and specifications when choosing a replacement.

Can I buy compatible spark plugs for the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 on Amazon?

Yes, you can purchase a variety of compatible spark plugs for the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 on Amazon, including options like Autolite Iridium XP and Champion Copper Plus.

How does the spark plug gap affect engine performance?

The spark plug gap is crucial for proper ignition and combustion within the engine. The NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11 is standardized at a 1.1mm gap, which ensures optimal combustion, leading to better engine performance and efficiency.

Why is it essential to use a cross-reference chart when replacing spark plugs?

Using a cross-reference chart ensures that you select a spark plug with the correct specifications and compatibility for your engine, maintaining its health and preventing potential damage or inefficiencies.

What impact does choosing the correct spark plug have on my vehicle?

Selecting the appropriate spark plug, such as the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11, directly influences engine efficiency, fuel consumption, emissions, and overall performance. A compatible spark plug ensures that the engine operates at peak performance.

Are NGK spark plugs environmentally friendly?

Yes, NGK is committed to producing environmentally friendly products and adheres to sustainable business practices. Their spark plugs, including the NGK 6779 BCPR6ES-11, are designed with this commitment in mind.

What makes NGK spark plugs stand out in the automotive industry?

NGK spark plugs are recognized globally for their premium materials, engineering precision, and dedication to innovation since 1936. These factors, combined with their wide array of products, make NGK a leader in the industry.

How can I ensure that a cross-referenced spark plug is the correct match for my vehicle?

To ensure a proper match when using a cross-referenced spark plug, verify the specifications, such as electrode design, heat range, and thread size, to match those of the original plug recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

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