NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G Laser Iridium Spark Plug Cross Reference

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NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G Cross Reference Chart

BrandPart number

I’ve found only one direct equivalent to the NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G, and it is the Hyundai 18849-09085.

NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G Cross Reference to Denso and Champion Spark Plugs

The NGK spark plug part number 92422 SILZKR8E9G has no exact cross-reference for Denso or Champion plugs, but compatible plugs can be found using interchange information from these manufacturers.

NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G Laser Iridium Spark Plug Specifications, Performance and Compatibility

Product SpecificationsValue
Part NumberSILZKR8E9G
Cross ReferenceNGK92422
Gap0.035 in
Heat Range8
Hex Size5/8″ (16mm)
Thread Reach26 mm
Insulator Height51 mm
Thread Diameter12mm
Center Electrode MaterialCopper
Center Electrode Tip MaterialIridium
Ground Electrode MaterialNickel Alloy
Ground Electrode Tip MaterialFine wire Platinum
Resistor5000 Ohm
Longevity100,000 miles

When it comes to the performance and compatibility of the NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G spark plug, it is important to consider its intended use and the recommended specifications. This spark plug is specifically designed for vehicles that come with OE SPE iridium alloy plugs, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with your vehicle’s engine.

The NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G spark plug offers high ignitability, which leads to improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Its Laser Iridium technology ensures efficient ignition and a longer service life, providing reliable and consistent performance. While it is always recommended to use the exact OEM plug for the best results, suitable alternatives from other brands can offer good performance and compatibility.

NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G Spark PlugPerformance and Compatibility
DesignLaser Iridium technology with OE SPE iridium alloy plugs
IgnitabilityHigh ignitability for improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions
LongevityLong service life for consistent performance
Recommended UsageVehicles that came with OE SPE iridium alloy plugs

When selecting a substitute spark plug, it is crucial to consider the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult with a professional if needed. They can provide valuable insight into compatible options that meet the necessary specifications for your vehicle.

By ensuring that the replacement spark plug has similar characteristics and meets or exceeds OE standards, you can maintain the performance and reliability of your vehicle’s ignition system.

NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G Laser Iridium Spark Plug Applications

2020KiaSportage EX
2020KiaSportage LX
2020KiaSportage S
2020KiaSportage SX Turbo
2019KiaSportage EX
2019KiaSportage LX
2019KiaSportage SX Turbo
2018HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2.0T
2018HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2.0T Ultimate
2018HyundaiSanta Fe Sport Base
2018KiaOptima EX
2018KiaOptima Hybrid EX
2018KiaOptima Hybrid Premium
2018KiaOptima LX
2018KiaOptima LX 1.6T
2018KiaOptima Plug-In Hybrid EX
2018KiaOptima S
2018KiaOptima SX
2018KiaSorento EX
2018KiaSorento L
2018KiaSorento LX
2018KiaSorento SX
2018KiaSorento SX Limited
2018KiaSportage EX
2018KiaSportage LX
2018KiaSportage SX Turbo
2017HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2.0T
2017HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2.0T Ultimate
2017HyundaiSanta Fe Sport Base
2017HyundaiSonata Base
2017HyundaiSonata Eco
2017HyundaiSonata Hybrid Limited
2017HyundaiSonata Hybrid SE
2017HyundaiSonata Limited
2017HyundaiSonata Limited 2.0T
2017HyundaiSonata Plug-In Hybrid
2017HyundaiSonata Plug-In Hybrid Limited
2017HyundaiSonata SE
2017HyundaiSonata Sport
2017HyundaiSonata Sport 2.0T
2017KiaOptima EX
2017KiaOptima Hybrid EX
2017KiaOptima Hybrid Premium
2017KiaOptima LX
2017KiaOptima LX 1.6T
2017KiaOptima Plug-In Hybrid EX
2017KiaOptima SX
2017KiaOptima SX Limited
2017KiaSorento EX
2017KiaSorento L
2017KiaSorento LX
2017KiaSorento SX
2017KiaSorento SX Limited
2017KiaSportage EX
2017KiaSportage LX
2017KiaSportage SX Turbo
2016HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2.0T
2016HyundaiSanta Fe Sport Base
2016HyundaiSonata Base
2016HyundaiSonata Eco
2016HyundaiSonata Hybrid
2016HyundaiSonata Hybrid Limited
2016HyundaiSonata Limited
2016HyundaiSonata Limited 2.0T
2016HyundaiSonata Plug-In Hybrid
2016HyundaiSonata Plug-In Hybrid Limited
2016HyundaiSonata SE
2016HyundaiSonata Sport
2016HyundaiSonata Sport 2.0T
2016KiaOptima EX
2016KiaOptima Hybrid
2016KiaOptima Hybrid EX
2016KiaOptima LX
2016KiaOptima LX 1.6T
2016KiaOptima SX
2016KiaOptima SX Limited
2016KiaSorento EX
2016KiaSorento L
2016KiaSorento LX
2016KiaSorento SX
2016KiaSorento SX Limited
2016KiaSportage EX
2016KiaSportage LX
2016KiaSportage SX
2015HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2.0T
2015HyundaiSanta Fe Sport Base
2015HyundaiSonata Eco
2015HyundaiSonata Hybrid
2015HyundaiSonata Hybrid Limited
2015HyundaiSonata Limited
2015HyundaiSonata Limited 2.0T
2015HyundaiSonata SE
2015HyundaiSonata Sport
2015HyundaiSonata Sport 2.0T
2015KiaOptima EX
2015KiaOptima EX
2015KiaOptima Hybrid EX
2015KiaOptima Hybrid LX
2015KiaOptima Limited
2015KiaOptima LX
2015KiaOptima SX
2015KiaOptima SX Turbo
2015KiaOptima SXL Turbo
2015KiaSportage EX
2015KiaSportage LX
2015KiaSportage SX
2014HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2.0T
2014HyundaiSanta Fe Sport Base
2014HyundaiSonata GLS
2014HyundaiSonata Hybrid
2014HyundaiSonata Hybrid Limited
2014HyundaiSonata Limited
2014HyundaiSonata SE
2014KiaOptima Hybrid
2014KiaOptima Hybrid EX
2014KiaOptima LX
2014KiaOptima SX
2013HyundaiSanta Fe Sport 2.0T
2013HyundaiSanta Fe Sport Base
2013HyundaiSonata GLS
2013HyundaiSonata Hybrid
2013HyundaiSonata Hybrid Limited
2013HyundaiSonata Limited
2013HyundaiSonata SE
2013KiaOptima EX
2013KiaOptima Hybrid EX
2013KiaOptima Hybrid LX
2013KiaOptima LX
2013KiaOptima SX
2013KiaOptima SXL
2013KiaSportage Base
2013KiaSportage EX
2013KiaSportage LX
2013KiaSportage SX
2012HyundaiSonata GLS
2012HyundaiSonata Hybrid
2012HyundaiSonata Limited
2012HyundaiSonata SE
2012KiaOptima EX
2012KiaOptima Hybrid
2012KiaOptima LX
2012KiaOptima SX
2012KiaSportage Base
2012KiaSportage EX
2012KiaSportage LX
2012KiaSportage SX
2011HyundaiSonata GLS
2011HyundaiSonata Hybrid
2011HyundaiSonata Limited
2011HyundaiSonata SE
2011KiaOptima EX
2011KiaOptima Hybrid
2011KiaOptima LX
2011KiaOptima SX
2011KiaSportage Base
2011KiaSportage EX
2011KiaSportage LX
2011KiaSportage SX

About NGK Spark Plugs

NGK is a global leader in the design and manufacture of spark plugs for both automotive and commercial vehicle applications. They are known for their high quality and reliability, meeting OE specifications for fit, form, and function. NGK also offers a range of other ignition products and technical sensors.

Frequently Asked Questions About NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G Laser Iridium Spark Plugs

Q: What makes Laser Iridium spark plugs different from standard spark plugs?
A: Laser Iridium spark plugs feature a fine wire iridium center electrode and a platinum disc welded to the backside of the ground electrode, providing excellent wear resistance and durability thanks to the high melting points of these materials.

Q: Can I use NGK 92422 SILZKR8E9G spark plugs in any car?
A: These spark plugs are designed for specific vehicle models and engines. Please refer to the application list provided in the post or consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ensure compatibility.

Q: How often should I replace my NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs?
A: While these spark plugs are built for longevity, the recommended replacement interval can vary based on your vehicle and driving conditions. A general guideline is to replace them every 100,000 miles.

Q: Will these spark plugs improve my vehicle’s performance?
A: NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs are engineered to provide optimal ignitability and performance, which can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions in compatible vehicles.

Q: Are these spark plugs pre-gapped?
A: Yes, they come pre-gapped. However, it’s always a good practice to check the gap against your vehicle’s specifications before installation.

Q: Can I install these spark plugs myself?
A: If you have basic mechanical skills and the right tools, you can install spark plugs. However, we recommend having a professional do it if you are not confident in your ability to install them correctly.

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