NGK 92838 TR5C-12 Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference

If you’re in search of a reliable spark plug cross-reference for your vehicle, look no further than NGK. Known for their exceptional quality and performance, NGK Spark Plugs® (U.S.A.), Inc. has been a trusted name in the industry since 1936. Whether you’re driving a Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, GM, Ford, or Chrysler, NGK spark plugs are a preferred choice by leading car manufacturers.

At NGK, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, and our extensive range of spark plug options reflects our dedication to providing the best for our customers. From racing plugs to cost-effective alternatives like NGK G-Power Spark Plugs, we have the perfect spark plug for every need.

When it comes to finding the right spark plug cross-reference, NGK has you covered. Our expertise and reputation make us a reliable source for compatibility information, and our cross-reference chart can help you find the NGK TR5C-12 alternative or any other spark plug compatibility you’re looking for.

Stay tuned as we explore our diverse product line, innovative spark plug technology, and our global presence. NGK is your go-to spark plug provider, no matter where you are in the world.

NGK Spark Plug Product Line

NGK offers a diverse product line that caters to various performance needs. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or a daily driver, NGK has the right spark plug for your needs. Let’s take a closer look at the different spark plug options NGK provides:

Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK’s Iridium Spark Plugs, such as Iridium IX and Laser Iridium, are known for their exceptional cold performance and long-lasting durability. These spark plugs use a precious metal iridium center electrode, which offers improved ignitability and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Platinum Spark Plugs

The NGK Platinum Spark Plugs are designed to provide excellent ignition performance and long service life. With a platinum center electrode, these spark plugs offer reliable and consistent spark delivery, ensuring smooth engine operation.

V-Power Spark Plugs

NGK V-Power Spark Plugs combine affordability with reliable performance. These spark plugs feature a unique v-groove design on the center electrode, which enhances ignitability and reduces quenching for improved combustion efficiency.

G-Power Spark Plugs

For those looking for more economical options, NGK G-Power Spark Plugs are an excellent choice. These spark plugs offer reliable performance at a lower cost, making them a popular option among budget-conscious drivers.

With their wide range of spark plug options, NGK ensures that every driver can find the perfect spark plug to meet their specific needs. From high-performance Iridium Spark Plugs to cost-effective G-Power Spark Plugs, NGK delivers quality and reliability in every product.

NGK’s Innovation and Environmental Commitment

NGK has a long history of innovation in spark plug technology. We were the first to introduce copper core spark plugs to the consumer market, revolutionizing the industry. By utilizing copper core technology, NGK spark plugs deliver enhanced ignition performance, ensuring optimal engine combustion and fuel efficiency.

But our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop with copper core spark plugs. We continue to push boundaries in ceramics and integrated circuitry, incorporating state-of-the-art materials and design elements to improve the performance and longevity of our spark plugs.

At NGK, we understand the importance of environmental sustainability. That’s why we have formulated an environmental declaration, outlining our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices throughout our operations. We strive to create a sustainable society by developing products that meet the highest environmental standards.

By choosing NGK spark plugs, you’re not only getting a reliable and high-performance product, but you’re also contributing to a greener future. Trust NGK for your spark plug cross-references and experience the difference our innovation and environmental commitment can make.

NGK Global Presence

NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd., headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, is a leading global provider of automotive spark plugs and related products. With a vast international network, NGK has established 36 subsidiaries worldwide, ensuring that their high-quality spark plugs reach customers across the globe.

Outside of Japan, NGK operates 11 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, 4 cutting-edge development centers, and more than 20 sales offices. This extensive infrastructure enables NGK to produce and distribute their products efficiently, meeting the demands of the automotive industry and ensuring customer satisfaction. No matter where you are, from the bustling streets of the United States to the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, NGK’s comprehensive network brings their spark plug expertise right to your doorstep.

At NGK, our commitment to excellence extends not only to our products but also to the automotive community we serve. Our global presence allows us to collaborate with leading auto manufacturers and industry experts, driving innovation and ensuring that NGK spark plugs remain at the forefront of technology. With our headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, and subsidiaries and sales offices strategically located worldwide, NGK continues to deliver reliable and high-performance spark plugs to customers worldwide.

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