NGK 95741 CMR8H Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide

Since our inception in 1936, we at NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc. have pioneered the design and manufacturing of exceptional spark plugs and oxygen sensors. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is encapsulated in one of our standout products, the NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plug, which is a testament to our enduring legacy in the automotive industry. This guide is designed to ensure that when you need an NGK spark plug cross reference, you are equipped with accurate information to find a compatible match for your vehicle’s engine performance requirements.

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or an enthusiastic DIYer, understanding the CMR8H cross reference is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s optimal performance. Through extensive research and development, we’ve engineered a range of high-performance spark plugs that are recognized globally for their reliability and efficiency in a variety of driving conditions. In this guide, we’ll share with you the insights and technical expertise required to leverage the outstanding benefits of NGK spark plugs, and why they are trusted by leading automobile manufacturers worldwide.

NGK 95741 CMR8H: The Pinnacle of Spark Plug Engineering

At NGK, we take pride in our legacy of revolutionizing spark plug technology. Our NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plug stands as a beacon of our engineering prowess. This remarkable product represents our unwavering commitment to providing only the best in performance and quality. We understand that when it comes to the heart of your engine, only the most dependable and efficient spark plugs will suffice. That’s why professionals around the world look up to our NGK CMR8H spark plug cross reference when precision and endurance are non-negotiable.

The NGK 95741 cross reference tools have become invaluable for discerning drivers who demand excellence from their vehicles, regardless of whether they’re cruising city streets or pushing the limits on race tracks. It is our attention to detail and an unyielding dedication to innovation that have cemented our status as a leading supplier of spark plugs globally.

From the roar of high-performance engines to the relentless demands of everyday commutes, NGK spark plugs deliver. Here’s a glimpse into the variety we offer, catering to every need:

  • Racing Spark Plugs: For those who refuse to compromise on performance.
  • Iridium IX and Laser Iridium: The ideal choice for cold performance needs.
  • NGK Platinum and V-Power: Spark plugs designed for the driver in pursuit of excellence.
  • NGK G-Power Spark Plugs: Pioneering efficiency and economy for the cost-conscious driver.

In the following table, we outline the varied applications of our spark plugs and why the NGK 95741 CMR8H is the ultimate choice for grounding high- performance aspirations in resilient reality.

Feature Benefit Application
Copper Core Improved heat dissipation Ideal for high-revving engines
Precision-ground Electrodes Consistent spark and extended lifespan Suitable for a wide range of vehicle models
Iridium and Platinum Designs Exceptional performance and ignitability Perfect for colder climates and challenging driving conditions
Trivalent Metal Plating Superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties Essential for long journeys and stop-start city traffic

We are honored to engineer components that power the cars of today and play a pivotal role in designing the vehicles of the future. As you rely on our NGK CMR8H spark plug cross reference, rest assured that you’re choosing more than just a spark plug; you’re igniting a legacy of motor excellence and innovation.

Understanding the NGK Spark Plug Cross Reference Chart

Those familiar with automotive maintenance know the importance of selecting the correct spark plug for their vehicle. That’s where our NGK spark plug cross reference chart comes into play—making the process of **NGK spark plug interchange** seamless and accurate. We are committed to ensuring that when you interchange your spark plugs, you have access to the most reliable and precise resources available. This dedication to quality extends to every NGK spark plug reference, fostering optimal engine performance and longevity.

Interchanging Your NGK Spark Plugs

When it’s time to replace your spark plugs, reaching for an NGK spark plug cross reference chart is a smart move. It offers a granular view of compatible spark plugs by cross-referencing the make and model of your automobile with the appropriate NGK spark plug. This indispensable tool ensures that your vehicle’s engine runs smoothly with the assurance of NGK’s renowned quality.

Using the reference chart is elementary: simply locate your current spark plug’s part number and find its NGK equivalent. Whether you’re driving a compact sedan or a high-performance racer, the correct NGK spark plug can make a significant difference in your vehicle’s performance.

NGK CMR8H Spark Plug Cross Reference Essentials

Focusing on the NGK CMR8H spark plug cross reference essentials, our goal is to provide you with the confidence to select the correct spark plug for your specific engine design. The NGK 95741 CMR8H is a perfect example of our industry-leading products, which deliver unmatched performance that caters to both Japanese and domestic vehicle manufacturers. Below, we offer a concise cross reference guide crafted to assist you in your search for optimum compatibility and performance.

Your Vehicle’s Spark Plug Model Equivalent NGK Spark Plug Model Key Advantages of NGK
A1234 NGK 95741 CMR8H Precision engineering for optimal performance
B5678 NGK 95741 CMR8H High-quality materials for longevity
C91011 NGK 95741 CMR8H Superior combustion and fuel efficiency
D121314 NGK 95741 CMR8H Excellent resistance to fouling and corrosion

Remember, the NGK spark plug cross reference chart is not only a tool—it’s your bridge to ensuring that the vital heartbeat of your engine, the spark plug, is of the highest possible standard. By utilizing our cross reference chart, you are joining countless drivers who trust NGK’s expertise and innovation for their engine spark plug needs.

Maximizing Engine Performance with NGK 95741 CMR8H Spark Plugs

For those who are serious about automotive performance, integrating the NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plugs into your vehicle isn’t just an upgrade, it’s a transformation. At NGK Spark Plugs, we work tirelessly to engineer spark plugs that are the epitome of combustion excellence, and it’s this passion that makes the NGK 95741 CMR8H a product trusted by car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Why do our customers keep choosing us? It’s simple. We provide a product that stands for quality and innovation; a spark plug that enhances performance and efficiency. Using our expertly curated NGK spark plug finder, drivers gain the ability to perfectly match their unique engine needs with our high-caliber spark plugs. It’s about ensuring every trip you take, whether it’s to the corner store or across the country, is powered by NGK’s unparalleled reliability.

  • High Reliability: Cruising or racing, our spark plugs mean less worry about ignition problems.
  • Enhanced Performance: Experience improved acceleration and efficiency.
  • Longer Lifespan: Durable materials mean our spark plugs last longer, saving you time and money.

To highlight our diversity of applications and benefits, we have created the following table that outlines why the NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plugs are your go-to solution for not only meeting but exceeding your engine’s performance requirements.

NGK Feature Key Benefit Performance Impact
Advanced Materials Higher durability and resistance to heat and corrosion Leads to a more robust and reliable engine operation
Iridium and Platinum Tips Better ignition and longevity compared to standard plugs Optimal performance, especially under demanding conditions
Trivalent Metal Plating Protection against seizing and corrosion Ensures smooth removal and replacement cycles
Insulator made of high alumina ceramics Superior thermal properties to withstand extreme stress Prevents misfire, ensuring a seamless driving experience

Choosing NGK means entrusting your vehicle’s performance to the best in the business. The NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plugs are not just parts; they’re promises of excellence to each driver who demands the most from their engine. As you turn to the NGK spark plug finder for your engine’s match, take pride in knowing that you’re choosing a legacy of power, precision, and performance that only NGK can provide.

Locating the Correct NGK Spark Plug Replacement with NGK Spark Plug Finder

In our quest to provide streamlined solutions for your automotive needs, we have developed the NGK spark plug finder—a tool that exemplifies ease and precision. As we continue to drive innovation within the industry, this tool supports the seamless integration of our products with modern engines. Our proprietary spark plug finder simplifies the process of identifying the exact NGK spark plug replacement, tailored to the specifications of your vehicle. It encapsulates our commitment to facilitate maintenance and upgrades, ensuring compatibility and boosting confidence amongst car owners worldwide.

Seamless Integration for Modern Engines

Updating or maintaining a vehicle should be hassle-free, which is why our NGK spark plug cross reference chart is a critical resource for our customers. This interactive system is meticulously designed to translate complex fitment data into easy-to-understand information that matches today’s sophisticated engine designs. Trust us to guide you to the correct spark plug choice, strengthening your engine’s performance and fostering long-term reliability. Through this service, we uphold our promise to deliver exceptional components that integrate flawlessly with your vehicle’s intricate mechanisms.

NGK’s Global Impact and Environmental Commitment

Our influence reaches far beyond the realm of high-performance vehicles. With a global impact that expands through 36 subsidiaries and operational presence across 11 factories and numerous development centers and sales offices, we ensure that our products and services are accessible to a diverse range of customers. And it doesn’t stop there. We stand firm in our NGK’s environmental commitment, dedicating ourselves to harmonizing our operations with societal and global environmental needs. Through our eco-friendly products like the acclaimed NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plugs and our comprehensive environmental action plan, we aim to lead the way in sustainable business practices, reflecting our dedication to future generations and the planet we all share.


What is the NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plug used for?

The NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plug is designed for various applications, offering high-level performance and reliability. It is commonly used for small engines in lawn equipment, motorbikes, and some types of generators. It’s part of NGK’s professional range of spark plugs that provides efficient ignition and long service life.

Can I use the NGK spark plug cross reference chart to find alternatives for the CMR8H spark plug?

Yes, NGK provides a comprehensive spark plug cross reference chart that allows you to find compatible spark plug alternatives for your CMR8H spark plug. This tool is essential to maintain your engine’s performance when you need a replacement spark plug.

How do I cross reference my NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plug to other brands?

You can use the NGK spark plug cross reference tool to find equivalent spark plugs from other brands. Just input the NGK 95741 CMR8H code, and the tool will provide you with a list of suitable alternatives.

What makes the NGK 95741 CMR8H a pinnacle of spark plug engineering?

The NGK 95741 CMR8H spark plug embodies the advanced technology and rigorous quality standards of NGK. With features such as high durability, improved ignitability, and excellent anti-fouling characteristics, it stands out as a superior choice for engine performance and longevity.

How can I be sure that I’m choosing the right NGK spark plug for my engine?

You can use NGK’s user-friendly Spark Plug Finder tool. By entering your vehicle’s details or the engine specifications, the tool will recommend the correct NGK spark plug, guaranteeing a perfect match for optimum performance.

What does NGK’s environmental commitment entail?

NGK is committed to producing environmentally friendly products, including their spark plugs like the NGK 95741 CMR8H. They aim to achieve harmony with global ecosystems and contribute to the development of a sustainable society through eco-friendly manufacturing practices and innovations.

Are NGK spark plugs universally compatible with all engine types?

While NGK manufactures spark plugs for a broad range of engines, compatibility is specific to engine requirements. It’s important to match the spark plug to your engine’s specifications, which can be done using the NGK Spark Plug Finder or cross reference chart.

How does the NGK 95741 CMR8H improve engine performance?

The NGK 95741 CMR8H has been engineered to offer superior ignitability and reduced ignition voltage requirements. This leads to better throttle response, smooth idle stability, and efficient fuel consumption, ultimately enhancing overall engine performance.

Can the NGK CMR8H cross reference essentials help with spark plug upgrades?

Absolutely, NGK’s cross reference essentials can guide you through selecting a more advanced spark plug for an upgrade, ensuring it’s compatible with your engine’s operating conditions and performance demands.

What is the global impact of NGK spark plugs like the 95741 CMR8H?

NGK’s global impact extends beyond product quality. By adhering to strict environmental standards and producing sustainable products, NGK spark plugs contribute to the automotive industry’s effort to reduce the environmental footprint and promote eco-consciousness globally.

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